design by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba- Faraway is the first collection launched by Zucchetti.Kos as a Group. It consists of over 100 items innovative in their shaping and functions and it is the most complete and extensive collection ever created for the bathroom. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba_designers: “Faraway is an experiential kit, made of items of relaxing and tactile form, which identify a new ‘tailor-made’ wellness. Replacing the usual bathtime ritual in favour of an experience”. - aesthetics are characterized by a rigorously geometrical top whose lines, in the version on pedestal, are gathered and softened  in the slender base. In the deck mounted version, Faraway/ Square can be combined with cabinets made of heat-treated ash wood, generating a special tactile effect through the contrast of the silky smoothness of Cristalplant© with the natural feel of solid wood.  Sensory experience is once again the destination of a journey in search of wellbeing.