Contenporary Kitchens- We introduce a new kitchen project using differents models like Cream Stucco, a elegant Eucalipto Fume veneer for panel and tall unit carcass and a vintage point in wall units with our model Viejo Tinte Panga at Serie Grain. The kitchen offers us a lively environment, where we can share our emotions, to talk, to think, to decide, to work, to laugh, to enjoy and live in the most comfortable, practice and powerful possible way. We use differents opening systems like the integrated in the tall units doors edges, push-pull blue system for base units, or hidden gullet for tall units. The use of fine materials, identified to have a special personality, allows to create transparent spaces like the tall units area, where we can observe all the aspects, details, colours, lights making an enriching visually combination, elegant and with this point of view necessary to make a well done project.