Tulip. Angeletti Ruzza Design The Tulip collection of bathroom ware is inspired by a simple and essential Scandinavian design, based on the combination of elegance, organic shapes and practicality. Graceful contours and pronounced joins, enhancing the expressiveness of the ceramic material. Delicacy merged together with solidity: a blend of sensuality with the precision of Nordic design, creating “sweet practicality”. Sensuality, touch, a sense of generosity and hospitality, femininity, gentleness, peace, light consistency, the ability to stand the test of time beyond any trend: these are the key concepts that inspired and motivated the design process. The collection includes four types of washbasins in various formats: wall-hung, over-counter and semi-inset, on a pedestal or semi-pedestal and freestanding. The washbasin is made as single piece; it is technically a very challenging product to manufacture and is an effective expression of the company’s expertise. The pedestal washbasin is characterised by the wood material which appeals to the senses and evokes the beauty of nature. An all-ceramic variety has also been planned. The freestanding washbasin can rest over the counter, or on a ceramic or wood pedestal. The range is complete with a wall-hung and floor WC and bidet, a monoblock WC and two bathtubs. Tulip is also part of the Water Saving project which focuses its attention on the water crisis. Being sensitive to these issues, AZZURRA has taken steps in order to flush the Tulip wall-hung and floor WC with 3 litres of water. This is possible thanks to the combined system of the WC and a cistern patented and certified by Azzurra. Tulip One The TULIP bathroom ware collection has two models of floor and wall-hung WCs and bidets; it transforms into a complete sanitary ware set, offering flexible and adaptable solutions that lend themselves to any type of living area. Clean and softly joined lines that enhance the ceramic material. Technically sound and practical products of an exemplary standard, with technical and aesthetic features such as their high-quality enamelled surfaces, smoothness and durability.