uniKo. Officina Azzurra Uniko: the first bespoken shower tray in ceramic only 3 cm high and with integrated anti-slip - Material: ceramic - Height: 3 cm - Width and length: customized to the centimeter Uniko is the first shower tray in ceramic only intended to be bespoken and 3 cm high. AZZURRA has been the first company to introduce into the market Uniko shower tray, managing to combine those features which have become a must; the minimum height and the bespoken product, with the only immortal material of the bathroom: ceramic. By doing so, AZZURRA has assured a floor level and bespoken shower trays together with the unparalleled performance of ceramics in terms of durability, resistance, ease of cleaning and hygiene. In addition to these features AZZURRA presents the Uniko shower tray with a natural non-slip: the Corteccia finish.